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Post & Panel l systems provide a professional solution for exterior site identification and directional signage. Their interchangeable modular components allow the signs to expand or contract as needed. Premium systems are made from non-corrosive aluminum extrusions that will last for years. Systems made from galvanized steel are less expensive but they are prone to corrosion and structural failure.

Post and Panel Sample


Custom Solutions
We offer a number of custom solutions for post and panel signs, depending on the scale and length of display time desired our sales staff can work with you to bring together the variables that will complement your project and stay within budget.
Large Format Printing
Large Format Printing on vinyl can be applied to a variety of substrates for use on Post and Panel systems allowing for photo-realistic quality graphics.
Applied Vinyl
Cut Vinyl can be applied to most substrates for use in post and panel systems when there is not too much fine detail and a simple color scheme.

Product Modifiers

Temporary vs Long Term

Viewing Distance and Driving Speed Limit

Pole Options


Type of Graphics / Production Method


File Formats

Cut Vinyl Signs and Graphics require Vector Artwork. The most common vector file formats are .ai .eps and sometimes .pdf. Please convert all text to outlines before saving as Adobe CS3 or earlier. We can recreate your non vector artwork to prepare for cut vinyl, send us what you have for a quote.
For Large Format Printing, Full Color Photographic Artwork should be sent at 300 DPI, CMYK, at the size or close to production size, common formats for raster images include .psd .tif and sometimes .jpg
If in doubt you can always call or send us what you have an we will let you know.

Guide to Professional Sign Making Methods

digital print

cut vinyl

custom solutions

laser engraving